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  Glossary of Terms


Apartheid                     A policy of segregation and discrimination practiced in South Africa                                          in the 50s,60s, 70s, and 80's. 

Australopitheticus      A fossil ape and humanoid remains of an ancient human ancestor                                             found living in Africa some 1 to 4 million years ago.

Boer                               Farmer     Afrikaans

Boer War                      1st and 2nd Boer Wars between the Boer Republics and the British                                             forces of the Empire. 1st Boer War: 1880-1881. 2nd Boer War: 1899-                                               1902.

Dankie hoor!                Thank you in Afrikaans.

Dominee                       Priest in the Dutch Reformed Church

Gat.                           hole/ cave/ void/      Afrikaans

Mfecane (Difacane)    Mfecane (Zulu pronunciation, also Sesotho name Difaqane or                                                    Lifaqane) means "crushing, scattering, forced dispersal, forced                                                    migration", was a period of social, political, cultural and economic                                              upheaval among indigenous ethnic communities and involved the                                              white immigrant populations moving northwards from the Cape                                                Colony in Southern Africa during the period between 1815 and about                                           1840.

Oom                          uncle/ respectful term for older person.  Afrikaans

Tant                           aunt/ respectful term for older person.    Afrikaans

The Great Trek          a movement of Dutch-speaking colonists into the interior of                                                 southern Africa in search of land where they could establish their                                       own homeland, independent of British rule. Much of. this land was                                       seen as free to occupy as it was found unoccupied by indigenous                                       peoples fleeing from the ravages of the Mfecane. The consequent                                       loss of these lands is seen by indigenous peoples of South Africa                                       as a loss of their birthright and still a major point of contention in                                         post Apartheid South Africa.

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