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Art and Creativity                            Images of Egypt and Africa.

My most enjoyed building in Cairo.  The Mosque of Sulayman Pasha al-Khadim at the Citadel.

The distinctive architectural style of the Egyptian Coptic Church at Aswan.

     An interpretation of the Citadel.              The Mosque of Al-Nasir Muhammad on the left and the Mosque of Mohammed Ali dominating the background.

A Cairo Steet Scene doodle.

The Temple of Bastis on the Nile.          No longer there so artistic license prevails. 


Giza - Cairo

Faluka driver.jpg

Faluka Helmsman- El Maadi-The Nile

St Michael all Angels- Heliopolis

St Anthony's Monastery

St Anthony's Monastery

The Cave Church- Cairo

The Hanging Church-Cairo

Mostert's Mill- Mowbray Cape Town

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